About “Alaska Ranger”

Alaska Ranger is, as its sub-head reads, occasional musings from the heart of North America’s highest mountain range. Following Ogden Nash’s wonderful maxim-in-a-verse*, other than this sentence, here is one blog from and of Alaska that, until its author changes mind, does not make any entry regarding Sarah Palin….and all blog responses that do otherwise will be deleted without comment.

What does the view from the Alaska Range offer?  Month after month of solitude famously has brought to persons throughout history insight…and lunacy. The 20th – and possibly the 21st – centuries now have been brought to this part of the world, at least in the form of rapid internet service, however, and such a link can dispel much of the perils and blessings of the latter.  Whether this blog can give its readers any of the former is up to each to decide.   If you enjoy these ramblings, write.  If you don’t enjoy them, write faster.

*”Here’s a verse about rabbits
That doesn’t mention their habits.”

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